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Snow, Skate, Surf and Style. It’s more than just a name. It’s more than a sport or a fashion. It’s a lifestyle. One that many females have decided to pursue but don’t always know where to go for news on the sports and the industry itself. We are here to bridge that gap, this industry is our life and we are here to share our knowledge with you. Whether it be events that are happening, new brands and riders coming to the scene, the best local shops to go to for gear or the latest products that are coming out to hit retail floors, we will have updates on it all.

We also have a passion in helping others around the globe as much as we can. Whether it be through volunteering, donations or even just spreading the word about different non-profit organizations. Many of the snowboarders, surfers and skateboarders that we write about, volunteer and donate to charities quite often and we share all of them in our Giving Back section so make sure to check it out!

We most recently added our ‘Guys’ Corner’ to the site, which touches on different happenings going on in the Boardsports world revolving around the male population. The guys in this industry are just as supportive of girls riding as we are, so we figured why not include our lovely boy friends? After all, we are all in this together. Progressing the lifestyle in any positive way that we can.

I’m convinced that the world would be a much better place, if all girls on Earth would have access to an education AND COULD RIDE ON BOARDS AS WE DO.

–Daniela Meyer, Women in Boardsports Co-Founder & Organizer

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Jessie Wade


Jessie Wade

Jess hails from up north in good old Minnesota. She started snowboarding in high school and never looked back. Jess started her writing as a profession when she realized it was a huge passion of hers and realized that it’s in her blood, so that she should probably give it a shot. She is a lover of football, flannels, fashion and s’mores. She also doesn’t know what she would do without yoga in her life. Her favorite food to eat is breakfast for dinner – veggie bacon style.


Jenna Goldberg


Jenna Goldberg

Jenna grew up in the Bay Area of California snowboarding Tahoe. Once she caught the surfing bug she ditched the cold, sharky water and moved to Hawaii in search of warmer water and world-class waves. Jenna now stays classy in San Diego where you can find her surfing San Diego County, snowboarding Bear Mountain and soaking up the Southern California culture.



Our Supporters


Our Supporters

We wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for our supporters. Whether it be the avid readers of our online magazine, riders at competitions and events that we sponsor or just someone who has our sticker on their board – every single person is important to us and keeps getting us more stoked every single day. So thank YOU!

How Much We Actually Get To Ride

  • Snowboard
  • Surf
  • Skate

We collaborated with Boarding For Breast Cancer and hosted the Shred The Love Tour along with Femme Fatale Snow at Powder Ridge Resort in Kimball, MN. In total we raised just shy of $1700 for the B4BC non-profit foundation. Here is a recap of the day!

Shred the Love | Powder Ridge from Michael Wiener on Vimeo.

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Courage, sacrifice, determination, commitment, toughness, heart, talent, guts. That’s what little girls are made of; the heck with sugar and spice.

–Bethany Hamilton

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