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Friday, 29th April, 2016

Interview: Mike Smith

Mike Smith is a skateboarder from Nebraska who’s making a big difference – not just locally, but across the country and even the world. I had the opportunity to sit down with the… Tweet
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Crowds, Slashes and a Few Coverups – WSL Surfers Ready for Roxy Pro

Could there be more people in the water?!? Steph Gilmore, Sally Fitzgibbons, Dimity Stoyle and Alana Blanchard take to Snapper, the venue for the Roxy Pro that kicks off… Tweet
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Thousands Remember Eddie Aikau

If you’ve been on Twitter, Facebook, or follow surfing at all you will have seen tweets and hashtags such as #TheEddieAikau and #EddieWouldGo. This would be your clue that something is… Tweet
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Gift Guide for Guys

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and choosing a gift can be difficult depending on your budget (and your guy). This guide includes a few items ranging in price and has a DIY option… Tweet
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Spencer O’Brien Claims X Games Gold Slopestyle

They’re calling it the best women’s slopestyle event ever to go down at X Games. All the ladies were pushing the limits, not only their personal record, but progressive women’s snowboarding as a… Tweet
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